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what can you say about  trevor?

A: he is an honest persom

B: he is a harworking persoon

TREVOR: kim always tells what  he really thinks and believes.
what can you say about kim?
A: he is fuuny person
B: he is sincere person

TESSA:sally gives help and encouragement to her fiends whwn tehey are in a difficult or unhappy situation.
what can you say about sally?
A: she is suppotive
B:she is generous
KİM: tessa is always kind about other peoples problems.
what can you say about  tessa?
A:she is stingu
B:she is understading

FALSE 1.they were in their car whwn tehey boke up into the ice

FALSE dindn't know to swim

FALSE 3.his fi,eiend called the fishermen and they took him out of the water

TRUE 4.ıt was very cold that night

FALSE 5.after james got him out of the water they took him to his house


My best friends name is ayşe we met last year  she is a supportive we like going shopping for examplelast we week wentto. dancing



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